Monday, January 4, 2010

Ordered by Hasmah...TQVM...

My first attempt 2 Tiers Fondant cake - Especially for my beloved friend (Norjihan & Boutie)....selamat pengantin baru Nor & Boutie...seronok kamek kitak duak suka..hehehe

Cupcakes with chocolate ganache topping ordered by Diddy..makseh Diddy...harap2 cupcakes ya still in good condition bila sampey ke Bintulu


Ordered by Equip..

Chocolate Ganache Topping ordered by Madiha...makseh Madie

Ordered by Safrin ..TQVM Safrina




Happy Birthday Kak Lin @ Auntie Na

Ordered by Hana...makseh Na

Combination of Chocolate ganache and Cream Cheese topping ordered by Myza for her beloved fiancee HH's birthday....Happy Birthday HH!!

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