Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Cupcakes ordered by Shanti...thanks Shan..

Mickey Mouse and friends edible image ordered by Puli..TQVM Puli

Mickey Mouse 3D cake ordered by Puli for little Nigel..Happy Birthday Nigel...hope u like the Mickey Mouse..

For the fist time ever...kazenscupcakes flew all the way to Singapore!! wahhhhhh!!! "rasa mimpi rasa" when Gabriel sent me an email to order 50pcs christmas cookies (He wants the cookies exactly like the one i posted earlier)

The picture was provided by Tusheena and she wanted the same design for her daughter (Elsya) birthday

and this is the one that i've made...hope kitak suka Eena...

Another set ordered by Tusheena..Makseh Eena

Combination of ganache/cream cheese ordered by Azura (repeat order)..for her students (MRSM)..makseh Azura

Another combination of ganache/cream cheese topping ordered by Teepah...TQVM

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